ada energy efficiency is a Consulting Engineering Company, servicing customers in the Industrial, Commercial, Offshore and Renewable Energy  sectors with respect to specialised electrical engineering investigations and mitigation solutions.


The aim is to be actively involved in the Electrical Industry, specialising in Power Quality Measurement & -Solutions, Energy Saving & -Optimization interventions, ongoing Energy- & Power Quality Metering. We also undertake  LV Distribution Designs & Implementation and Utility Grid Code compliance  measurement and reporting.








                           Typical consulting -and solution services include:


· Power quality audits and -investigations and solutions provider                        

· Power factor correction design & implementations

· Electrical harmonic investigations and solutions provider

· Billing and tariff analysis & verification

· Energy saving audits                  

· LV electrical distribution design and implementation

· Electrical  PQ and Energy metering and sub-metering   

· Calibration verification for high-end PQ metering equipment           

· Grid Code Compliancy (PQ) studies for Renewable Energy installations.





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Consulting Engineering Services

*  Celebrating our 10th year in Professional Electrical Energy- and Power Quality Consulting *