Periodical calibration

and/or functional testing (verification) of electrical instrumentation are considered essential in  all high-end measurement assignments. This can be prescribed by mandatory standards/regulations or can form part of an established quality assurance concept.


Calibration requires proper techniques (e.g. as per ISO/IEC 17205:2005) as well as the availability of calibrated test equipment of sufficient accuracy (traceable to NIST reference calibration).  This is especially true for high-end  instrumentation such as Class A rated Power Quality analysers .


adaee is capable to perform the generation and verification of power parameters on most power, energy and power quality  instrumentation (single or 3-phase) up to 560V, 360A, power factors from –1 to +1. In addition, the generation of harmonic content up to 100% of the 50/60Hz fundamental for all harmonics up to the 63rd can be simulated .  For further reference, please refer  to





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