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Consulting Engineering Services

Energy auditing services are rendered along the following methodology:


1. Preliminary energy audit :

During this initial phase, a walkthrough of the client’s premises is undertaken, typical   together with the client’s representative. Operational equipment, building outlay, operational hours, billing history and other parameters are observed. A minimum of electrical measurements may also be taken.  A report is then drafted, summarising the initial findings of energy saving opportunities and cost magnitudes.


2. Detail energy audit :

Following the preliminary audit, a detail auditing phase may be undertaken, which typically involves logging of various measurements, obtaining of quotations for specific recommendations/ equipment /implementations. The deliverable is a detail report, possible intervention into optimising energy bills, together with financial and payback implications. 


CEM (certified energy manager) and CVMP (certified measurement and verification) training via the AEE (Association of Energy Engineers - USA) ensures that ADAee is well equipped to deliver cost-effective and valuable consultancy in energy saving undertakings for our clients.

*  Celebrating our 10th year in Professional Electrical Energy- and Power Quality Consulting *