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Consulting Engineering Services

Power Quality Audits


are conducted utilising sophisticated measurement equipment to monitor plant and distribution networks in order to analyse and correctly identify root causes of problematic electrical disturbances.  Only once this is identified, appropriate measures can be recommended to effectively counter the unwanted disturbances.


Typical encounters include transients (impulsive– and oscillatory), short duration variations (interruptions, sags, swells) long-duration variations (under voltages, over voltages), voltage imbalances, waveform distortions (DC offset, harmonics, notching, noise), voltage variations (intermittent) and power frequency variations. Class A certified PQ metering equipment are used for all data recordings and measurements.


In the analyses stages, simulation studies are run (including harmonic simulations) in order to optimize a mitigation solution.


Typical solutions may include filtering techniques (active or passive harmonic filtering), stabilisers or fast compensation/transient free power factor correction or UPS systems.


Renewable Energy Producers require Grid Code compliancy prior to Utility network connectivity; Our services extent to power quality measurements  such as harmonics, voltage unbalances, flicker and resonant conditions and the analysis of such recordings with respect to regulatory conformance.


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